Building your Digital Estate Blog

Building your Digital Estate Blog

Strategies and best practices to generate passive income from your Digital Estate

How To Own Your Social Accounts

If there’s one thing that we learned in digital marketing this past year, it’s clearly that you DON’T own your social accounts. You don’t own your followers, you don’t own your content and you don’t own the amount of time that you allocate to building your audience. ... Read More

5 Ways to avoid Paying for Link Clicks

Learn the 5 easiest ways to get your links clicked without having to create online ads. Don't let the large platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google own your audience. ... Read More

Data is the New Oil: How to Drill for Yours

By now you may very well have heard the phrase ‘data is the new oil’. Therefore, if this analogy is in fact true, which it most certainly is, then how can you begin ‘drilling’ for yours? In this blog post I will tell you exactly how. ... Read More

What is a Digital Estate?

Welcome to 2020 and the ‘Building your Digital Estate Blog’. This blog series will be focused on the various strategies, platforms, tools and techniques related to building a valuable and profitable digital estate for your personal brand or business. ... Read More

Why you need to 'Own Your Audience' in 2020 and Beyond

Own YouYou own your brand. You own a business. You own your equipment. You may or may not have a staff. You’ve put countless hours into building an audience across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn and the list goes on. An audience of which you hope to eventually convert into loyal customers. Question is, do you truly own that audience? ... Read More

Own your Audience
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